Local 599 Celebrates 46th Anniversary Annual Pin Presentation Award Night

IKORCCLocal599AwardNightLocal Union 599 Recently celebrated their 46th Anniversary with their annual Pin Presentation Award Night. Local 599 spent the night celebrating the accomplishments and legacies of new, current and past members.

The following were recognized for their accomplishments:

Apprentice Graduates

Agustin Cervantes, Matt Fier, Andrew Kerner, Aaron Merkel.

25 Years

Jim Augstyn, Sr., Abe Berumen, Joe Dado, Joe Deakin, Ed Hoernig, Ron Holsclaw, Ken Keifor, Steve Kozel, John Mallory, Nick Marinos, Steve Rogers, Steve Winarski.

30 Years

Dan Crouse, Scott Fabrie, Rodney Frohock, Chris Kasenga, Rich Mickow, Larry Murray, Tim Pierson.

35 Years

Tom Blastick, Jack Girman, Phil Kaiser, Rich Kusta.

40 Years

Denny Crouse, Tom Dorsey, John Hindahl, Don King, Joe Lippie.

45 Years

Bob Chobra, Glenn Flaharty, Jim Liming, Sr,. Paul Steinhauer.

50 Years

Pete Matovina Paul Reppa Harold Sills Richard Thiel

55 Years

John Dacich, Ethard Mcilroy, William Simmons.

60 Years

L.M. Bundren and Ray Lukowski

Members Who Have Passed Away This Year

John Brown, III, John Hlady, Richard Polis, Sr., William Courtright, Walter Scott, Richard Ross, Uwe Hermann Grantz, and John Billings.

All members were recognized for their hard work and dedication to the communities they served. From community service, helping to build homes for those in need and providing younger students viable options for future careers, members of the IKORCC are constantly striving to serve their community and provide its members with the best living and working conditions possible.