Local Author to be at Valpo Library

Valparaiso-Public-Library"Extra! Extra! Read all about it!"

Meet Valpo author of the tall, talking rabbit magical tale titled: New Jack Rabbit City: Starring the Chicago Hares by Gail Galvan and co-author

"I surprised myself when I said I'd follow Abby, my eight year old niece, to some alleged magical kingdom to meet a tall, talking rabbit. Talking rabbits living among humans? To me, it sounded like the old classic fictional rabbit story, Harvey, with Jimmy Stewart. But this was no Pooka from old Celtic mythology, nor Lewis Carroll's white rabbit. In fact, I wish I could say we were 'headed down the rabbit hole,' but this was a whole lot more."

Meet other local/regional authors, too: A.J. Nuest, Carla Lee Suson, Alan McPherson, Angela Santistevan, George Miga, and
Roger Robin

Autographed copies of books will be available at the event.

Think you have a story to tell? Author shares her literary recipe: "How to whip up your very own homemade self-published book for free!"