Local Drone Photographers Catch a Bird’s Eye View: Part 2

Local Drone Photographers Catch a Bird’s Eye View: Part 2
By: Anna Ortiz Last Updated: February 7, 2018

Our second part to our drone photography series takes you soaring over Indiana Dune State Park, Soldier Field in Chicago, Whiting’s wintery, Whihala Beach and more! Be sure to check out these talented local photographers and follow their work for more amazing aerial footage and photos!

Trevor Mahlmann
Lives: West Lafayette
Drone Equipment: Mavic Pro

Experience: “I have been taking aerial pictures for 3 years!”

Favorite Places to Photograph: “My favorite place to take flight is lighthouses along Lake Michigan and Lake Superior!”

Featured Videos:
Coldplay Playing at Soldier Field

Fireworks Finale in Valparaiso

Icy Waves at Grand Haven Lighthouses

See more of his work:

Tom Seely
Lives: Chesterton
Drone Equipment: GoPro Karma Drone

Favorite Places to Photograph: “The enjoyment I get is hearing from people that say they love seeing the videos! Some people haven't seen the ice shelf on Lake Michigan, Mount Baldy, The Dunes State Park or the Bailey Homestead in decades. We have such a diverse area. This helps people realize just how lucky we are.”

Featured Videos:
Seven Peaks in Chesterton

Indiana Dunes State Park

Downtown Chesterton

See more of his work:

Jeff Bergeson
Lives: Whiting

Drone Equipment: DJI Phantom 3 Pro and DJI Maverick

Experience: “I have been flying for two years now, and secured my UAV pilots license last year.”

Favorite Places to Photograph: “I love flying anywhere for photography. My company’s focus in the future will be on commercial inspections.”

See more of his work: