Local Non-Profit Gets Stamp of Approval from Washington for Comprehensive Youth Development Curriculum

PATHGreenLargeTaglineLocal non-profit A Positive Approach to Teen Health (PATH), received news from the Office of Adolescent Health that their Positive Potential: Be The Exception program curricula has met the criteria for evidence of effectiveness. The program had to undergo rigorous evaluation to meet review criteria over the course of five years to be added to a list of only 37 national identified pregnancy prevention curricula, which has been approved by US Department of Health & Human Services.

Positive Potential: Be The Exception program is one of seven identified programs that met Evidence-Based criteria, showing positive effectiveness in the reduction of sexual activity for students who participated in the program. The program was evaluated in a randomized controlled trial involving 1,438 6th grade students in 14 public middle and elementary schools in northwestern Indiana.

Donna Golob, Executive Director of PATH said this is good news because both federal and state governments recognize the curriculum as being effective due to rigorous evaluation and meeting evidence base standards.

“The biggest impact is that youth will make healthier decisions regarding risky behaviors, which makes them more likely to reach their full potential and become engaged and employable citizens,” Golob said.

“So far 14 school districts within 5 counties in Indiana have taken the opportunity to receive curriculum. In addition, 9 counties in Kentucky are utilizing the Positive Potential curriculum,” Golob said

School administrators, youth serving organizations, and community leaders may access a free 30-day trial through PATH website or by calling the office. PATH is hosting an open house & ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday, June 7 at 4pm in celebration of their new facility and national recognition.

For more information visit positiveteenhealth.org or call 219-254-2678.