Local Student Artwork on Display at Blackbird

By: Blackbird Cafe Last Updated: April 26, 2013

Come view student views on post-apocalyptic life and enjoy a cup of coffee at Blackbird Cafe. The Valparaiso University Art Department presents "Please Close the Door on the Way Out," a mixed media art show hanging on the walls of the cafe through the end of June.


Featured artists include Natalie Zuber, Rolando Dela Vega, Kyle Smart, Anna Hayden-Roy, Rachelle Nover, Aaron Wegner, Stephanie Krebs, Lindsey Smith, Maggie Rivera, Ania Zuniga, Daniella Tripodis, and Corwin Leverich.

"Please Close the Door on the Way Out" focuses on the portrayal of humanity at the time after society crumbles. The artists involved were asked specifically to create pieces correlating with this theme. The responses to this post-apocalyptic question vary in concept as well as media. An open-ended concept was employed in the presentation of this theme. The students hoped to achieve strong variation between each other's works while simultaneously displaying their own unique styles. It being the case that many of the styles contrast so strongly, hopefully there is a message that can resonate with each and every individual.

Original pieces and reprints of certain works may be available for purchase. Stop by the cafe today to view the show!