Looking for an Exciting Change in Work? Timberseal, LLC is Now Hiring a Restoration Technician

Looking for an Exciting Change in Work? Timberseal, LLC is Now Hiring a Restoration Technician

TimberSeal, LLC of Valparaiso is taking applications to fill the positions of Restoration Technician.

Restoration Techs serve as the assistant to the Lead Restoration Technician and assist with all aspects of repairing, restoring, and refinishing exterior decks, fencing, cedar sided homes, log homes and other wooden structures.

The position is an entry-level position to start, however it does offer the opportunity for advancement in motivated and driven technicians.

Job Requirements:

*Stocking inventory on your truck for upcoming projects *Site work consisting of stripping old finishes of exterior wood structures *Pressure washing of wood structures, home exteriors, concrete and more *Sanding of wood structures in preparation for refinishing *Staining / Sealing of wood structures to protect, preserve and beautify. *Logging into and out of jobs using our time tracking applications *Paperwork completion upon job completion *Other work as required (interior painting and construction)

Job Specifications and Benefits:

*Complete training - no experience necessary

*40 hour work weeks plus available overtime (average employee gets 50-55 hours a week at time and a half pay)

*Provided and laundered uniforms

*Great work atmosphere

*Available phone program if you do not have one. We require employees to have a smart phone to clock in and out of jobs via our time tracking application.

Additional Requirements:

*18 and older need only apply.

*Have a valid drivers license. A clean record will be needed should you be a candidate to lead a truck (23 years and older only due to insurance reasons).

*GREAT WORK ETHIC & ATTITUDE: If your a complainer by hour 30 each work no need to apply. Our crews put in a fair amount of hours each week and work with a schedule. Some days that may wrap your day up at 3pm while other days may be 6pm.

*TIMELINESS: Be on time for work each and every morning. Holding up your crew leader is no way to progress and will not be tolerated.

*Be able to pass random drug screenings

Applicants are reminded that while this is an entry level position with a competitive base pay of $10, TimberSeal is quick to acknowledge and compensate individuals who demonstrate the right skill level and work ethic to advance in this position.

Show us your value, and it will be recognized.

Interested applicants can follow this link to apply for the position.