Lots of Favorites At Blackbird Cafe

Lots of Favorites At Blackbird Cafe

Every Tuesday afternoon the Ideas in Motion Media office treats themselves to their favorite menu items from Blackbird Cafe. This weekly lunch break went from habit, to tradition, to ritual. We're obsessed with every mouthwatering flavor Blackbird is able to bring to our lunches. Every employee has one menu item they swear is Blackbird's best. Instead of telling every person we run into (which we do too often), we decided to compile them all here! 

To see Blackbird Cafe's full menu click here!

Jenny Craig
With all the new menu items, picking my favorite is tough! I absolutely love all the Blackbird salads. Each one is perfectly paired with the best meats, cheeses, fruits, and greens for the taste they want to achieve. My favorite is the cherry pecan salad. The nova lox is probably my overall favorite menu item. I absolutely love the smoked salmon and capers and its large enough for me if I just ran a long distance, or if I want to share with someone! No matter what I order I am never disappointed at Blackbird Café.

Cody Morse
The Blood Orange Black Tea from blackbird is by far my favorite take on tea because of its bold, yet not overpowering, fruity flavor.

Natalie Mahlmann
I like the Chicken with peppers sandwich, because it has great flavor! I also love Uncle Walt’s Chili on cold wintery days – very comforting!

Jessica Campbell
I love the huge Harvest Salad, that I sometimes add smoked Salmon to, which is a great option to have. It is healthy, satisfying, and includes a unique, Fallish/sweet blend of textures and tastes. I claim to be the queen of creating salads, and I highly recommend this one! And, I cannot forget the hazelnut coffee, which is the best flavor of coffee you could ever drink.

Brett Fuller
My go-to is the strawberry banana smoothie! I get it every week and it makes me feel like I am ready to run through a brick wall every Tuesday afternoon. Maybe that’s the Blackbird coffee talking, but hot dang those smoothies are good.

Anthony Cleveland
The Grazer salad is my favorite! Lemon zest dressing tops off all the great bitter flavors of the salad and the chickpeas are my favorite part.

Gina Cullen
My favorite thing from Blackbird Cafe is the cafe special sandwich! For starters, it has bacon. Who doesn't love bacon? And it has chicken, pesto, smoked gouda, AND apple slices! It's a super unique sandwich and I order it a lot. I like to pair it up with an iced chai latte!

Chris Mahlmann
I love all the quiches at Blackbird but the sausage and red pepper is the best of all. Flaky crust hearty flavor matched with a salad or fruit in the morning these handmade creations are both healthy and delicious.

Megan Rigg
The crazy cookies are truly irresistible. Recently I ran several miles, and walked past Blackbird on my cooldown walk. The cookie was calling my name, and before I knew what was happening, I had purchased the treat. A little counterproductive in terms of fitness goals, but fulfilling in consideration of life goals.

Andrew Rowe
Blackbird Café’s Turkey Reuben, also called the ‘Rachel,’ is something that I ordered once and, since then, I haven’t been able to order anything else! It’s a deliciously grilled sandwich that includes turkey, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese topped with thousand island dressing on rye.