Lubeznik Center for the Arts Celebrates 37 Years of Community and Art at Annual Arts Festival

Lubeznik Center for the Arts Celebrates 37 Years of Community and Art at Annual Arts Festival

Art is a subject in which people are freely able to express emotions, ideas, and personalities in a variety of different forms of work. At the Lubeznik Center’s Arts Festival on Saturday in Michigan City, artists from around the country were able to express themselves and show off their creative work to the public.

The Lubeznik Center for the Arts celebrated its 37th year of hosting the annual art festival. Located at the Lubeznik Center’s campus in Michigan City, festival-goers were able to explore the gallery spaces, experience the stature of exhibits, and connect with programs that the Lubeznik Center has to offer. The festival cost $5 for admission but was free of charge to members, children 16 & under, active military personnel, and veterans. All of the proceeds from the festival went to benefit the Lubeznik Center’s educational and artistic programs.

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There were 83 booths full of artwork, which was an increase from last year’s 70 booths. Six categories of artwork were shown throughout the festival, from photography to sculptural objects, to two-dimensional art, fine craft art, and jewelry.

“This festival is like an entry point into the arts for the general public,” said the Lubeznik Center for the Arts’ Marketing Director Amy Davis Navardauskas. “A festival is very approachable, so we hold this event for the general public to feel very welcome and admire the artwork here today instead of feeling intimidated by entering a huge gallery and just strolling around.”

The festival attracts artists from the Midwest and around the country. One artist from Springfield, IL shared his thoughts on his first experience at the Lubeznik Arts Festival.

“This is my first year here in Michigan City, and coming out to the festival allows all of us artists to share our passion in what we do,” said photographer William Richards. “I always try to approach a scene to photograph a little bit different then another guy would. My favorite things to photograph are animals, state parks, sunrises, sunsets, and all-around nature. Coming from Springfield, being able to see beautiful nature other than flatlands of corn fields is always amazing to me.”

For festival-goers, the Lubeznik Arts Festival was a chance to browse and purchase all kinds of art, as well as learn more about their passion than what they already knew.

“I believe the festival today was a great opportunity to allow people in the area to purchase new and fun artwork for at home or work,” said Andrew Pope, a festival attendee. “It’s really fun to come out and learn more about the arts because I honestly don’t know much about the subject, aside from knowing it looks amazing.”

The festival offered the general public a chance to learn more about the arts and allowed artists to showcase their art. Saturday morning, the Michigan City community came together to appreciate a fun, affordable, and interesting event that also raised money for the Lubeznik Center for the Arts general fund, which includes support for educational art programs and free admission every day. The festival runs all weekend from 10:00am-5:00 pm. For more information, please