Lynda Anderson – Helping Agents and Clients Find Strength and Security Through Boulder Bay Realty

Lynda Anderson – Helping Agents and Clients Find Strength and Security Through Boulder Bay Realty

For Boulder Bay Realty Group founder, Lynda Anderson, becoming a realtor, or even owning her own realty group, was not something that she would’ve forecasted before getting into the business over 25 years ago.

“I had no intention of making a career change, initially,” Anderson said. “I just ended up finding a love for real estate and it grew to the point where I had to make a decision.”

At first, Anderson got into the business on a part-time basis while maintaining a position at NIPSCO, where she had been building a career. Soon after, though, that desire to help guide people through the home buying and selling process, one of the biggest decisions they’re likely to make in their life, overshadowed her career ambitions at the time.

“I got so much joy out of helping other people that it was infectious,” Anderson said. “I just wanted to do more and more. It was not at all planned.”

“I thank NIPSCO because little did I know that my career there would help me to eventually run a successful business,” Anderson reflected. “I learned and did so many things there. I was in customer service and the transition to real estate was seamless.”

“When I opened up Boulder Bay I knew what training was because of how much NIPSCO had invested in training for their employees. That just carried over to Boulder Bay.”

Before starting Boulder Bay Realty Group in 2003, Anderson had spent well over a decade in the real estate business. During that time, she was fortunate in having mentors that saw abilities in her that she might not have recognized otherwise. That guidance and positivity gave Anderson the confidence to strike out on her own.

“I really found out about the value of a client,” said Anderson. “They really didn't care if you had a red, yellow, blue or green, franchise or non-franchise sign in the yard. They just want to be helped, that’s all.”

In coming up with the name ‘Boulder Bay’, Anderson mentioned strength and security as the basis around which the company name is derived.

“The name ‘Boulder’ is for strength and ‘Bay’ is because ships go into the bay for security so we want to show our clients strength and security. Everything we do for them we have it covered.”

Anderson challenges her agents and personnel and the preparation and training that she requires of them has been a key factor in their routinely have their best years, one after another.

“I get so thrilled when an agent joins our company, takes it seriously and wants to make a career with us,” Anderson said. “The business is here because of the agents. I love to put my time into them and help them to grow. I am so fortunate to be working alongside some of the top agents in the industry right here at our office.”

“In ‘08 when the market crashed, we were seeing offices close and merge. I was so proud of our agents. We got through it and, I guess I can’t say they stepped up because they’ve always stepped up. Agents continuously worked hard and took care of our clients, who have been so loyal. We’re so thankful for that and we are extremely blessed.”

Building the relationship with our clients and identifying what would be best for their needs is far more important than an immediate sale.

“So many times we’ve seen clients get into transactions that are just not good,” said Anderson. “It’s not good for their family or their finances and that’s where awareness comes in. Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments some people will make in their lifetime. We take it seriouslye when a client puts their trust in us.”

Anderson is looking forward to growing Boulder Bay Realty in 2017 as well as educating clients and members of the community through seminars and classes which are geared towards raising consumer awareness.

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