Maintenance team at StoryPoint Chesterton provides safety to residents and employees

Maintenance team at StoryPoint Chesterton provides safety to residents and employees

StoryPoint Senior Living is an option for every point in your story. StoryPoint serves the residents of Northwest Indiana by offering unique, independent, and enhanced living.  StoryPoint offers what most senior living facilities don’t; getting to know their residents and families at a deeper level. StoryPoint prides itself on understanding the different stages of each resident’s journey and taking the time to form meaningful relationships with them.

The maintenance team at StoryPoint helps make all of this possible. Bob Kocur, maintenance manager, is responsible for all maintenance at the community and ensures each and every detail is maintained for the residents of StoryPoint Chesterton. With maintenance being on call 24 hours and seven days a week, Kocur truly works around the clock to ensure that each resident is safe, happy, and satisfied to the best of his ability, no matter what time of day.

Kocur is responsible for keeping all elements of the community, both inside and outside, up to the high standards that StoryPoint Chesterton holds. He provides preventative maintenance on a regular basis. This would include anything from checking water pressures regularly to running tests on heating and air conditioning units for each apartment to ensure they are properly working for the upcoming season. Kocur is also responsible for ensuring the apartments are ready for new residents on their move-in day, monitors and repairs all systems within the community, and completes any new and necessary repairs that arise.

“Besides working in the best environment at StoryPoint, the residents are the true treasures; I can listen to their stories for hours,” Kocur said.

The residents absolutely adore Kocur. The maintenance team plays a very integral role in the day-to-day operations of how the facility runs, as well as small tasks the residents have a difficult time completing on their own.  For instance, the maintenance team helps residents hang pictures of their beloved family members and focuses on their overall safety, well-being, and happiness.

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