Make a Change and Head to CCSJ’s Transfer Day

Make a Change and Head to CCSJ’s Transfer Day

The June Summer Solstice marks the middle of the summer. As we begin to countdown toward the end, back to school and back to the fall season, these are the days to make a change.

If that change of education has been on your mind, now is the time to act. Transfer Day to Calumet College of St. Joseph is Wednesday, June 28, where you can make that change a reality.

Transfer Day is the annual day to make the quick and easy switch to CCSJ. Without the hassle, frustration, and confusion, Transfer Day is the perfect way to make sure all your hard work in the past is not lost.

The local Northwest Indiana college, CCSJ, offers affordable tuition, a quality education with various degrees and programs, and a family-friendly atmosphere located in Whiting, Indiana.

Before heading to Transfer Day, get ahead by having the following completed and ready:

  • Fill out an application now – (no application cost)
  • Bring all transcripts from previous and current college with you or have your official transcripts sent directly to CCSJ’s Office of Enrollment. Students with less than 12 college credit hours should bring a final official high school transcript.
  • Complete the FAFSA and include CCSJ’s school code: 001834

The day starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. During your visit, check out the following programs and student services offered on campus:

  • Application Review
  • Admission Decision
  • Merit Based Scholarship Determination
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation
  • Appointment with Academic Advisor – Register for Fall Classes
  • Appointment with Financial Aid Counselor – Financial Aid Award Letter

CCSJ offers several different undergraduate, graduate, adult-accelerated programs and services on campus to help you succeed in each class. There are tutoring services, academic advisors, career services, and so much more.

Future students can look here for information on admissions, scholarships and grants available, tuition and fees, and athletics.

Change is not easy, but when it comes to changing education, CCSJ makes it easier to transfer credits and to keep on-top of schooling. The staff are available to help and answer questions throughout the day, and if you’re pressed for time, you can reserve a specific time to start the Transfer process with a faculty member.

Whether you are just starting college or just have a few more semesters left, don’t fret about the hassle of making a change. With Transfer Day, you can make the switch and countdown the days of summer, not dreading school, but excited to become a CCSJ student.

For more information on Transfer Day, click here.