Make Your Moment

By: Horizon Bank Last Updated: May 15, 2012

hurdlers“He who hesitates is lost.” I first heard that phrase from my 9th grade track coach as I was practicing the high hurdles. Low hurdles were easy, but this was a new venture for me. As I approached the first hurdle with trepidation, I pulled back at the last moment…with disastrous results!

So it is with financial decisions, such as purchasing a home or refinancing your current mortgage. What are some reasons potential homebuyers and current homeowners hesitate?

1. Interest rates. Does this sound familiar? “I want to wait until rates go back down. After all, they were lower two weeks ago than they are now.” That might work. Then again, it might not.

2. Home prices. Are you waiting for the market to rebound before you sell your house and buy a new one? Guess what? If you wait for your home’s value to increase so you can “get more money out of it,” the price of your new home will go up too! It’s well-intended strategy, but flawed reasoning.

3. Paperwork. Some people just don’t like to go through the drudgery of paperwork. A good loan officer will walk you through the maze & help simplify the process. Most information is readily available at home, or can be pulled up on the internet right in your lender’s office.

Don’t let hurdles that can be overcome with a little effort keep you from seizing the moment. Make this moment – now – work for you! Talk to your loan officer about your options today.