Marbach America, Inc. opens its doors to Michigan City workforce

Marbach America, Inc. opens its doors to Michigan City workforce

Marbach Group was founded in 1923 in Heilbronn, Germany and has since opened locations in Elkhart, Indiana; Charlotte, North Carolina; and now in Michigan City, Indiana. Marbach is the world’s leading manufacturer of die-cutting and thermoforming tools with the motto, “Packaging. Performance. You.” The facility is located in the Haskell Building, which Holladay Construction completed the interior build-out for, at 6101 Cleveland Avenue. 

Marbach America Inc. is still welcoming new applicants. The company offers training to its new employees—meaning no previous experience is required. The six-week training course takes place at Marbach headquarters in Charlotte. All are encouraged to apply.

Clarence Hulse, Executive Director of Economic Development Corporation Michigan City, is excited to bring new high-wage, high-skill jobs with great benefits into the area. 

Marbach Grand Opening 2019

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Marbach Grand Opening 2019Marbach Grand Opening 2019Marbach Grand Opening 2019Marbach Grand Opening 2019

“It’s an exciting company, very high-tech in their process, and they’re very impressed with the Michigan City workforce,” Hulse said. “The market is tight right now, so when new companies tell me they’re finding good people to work for them, that’s good!”

The new development in Michigan City is located between two major interstates, making it a prime location for the midwest market. Fourth Ward Councilman Sean Fitzpatrick is excited to see a new technical company come into the area and offer their own training, creating opportunities for people on all levels of experience. 

“For one, this is creating a lot of high-paying jobs and opportunities for travel and possibly relocation for some individuals in our city,” Fitzpatrick said. “It’s a great addition to this Ameriplex complex which was recently added to our city as part of the expansion with EDCMC, so we’re really excited for them to be a great partner with the city.”

Fernando Pires, Chief Operating Officer of Marbach America, saw Michigan City as a prime location for expansion because of the concentration of customers in the midwest, and because the city has been very accommodating and business friendly for them. Within the next five years Pires hopes to double the size of the company. 

“We see that in the industries we serve, there’s a lack of knowledge,” Pires said. “And based on our disciplines from our German manufacturing, we are applying that here in the U.S. to create jobs and even working with the local schools to talk about the importance of math and manufacturing skills to try and build the workforce from the ground up.”

Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer was excited to introduce the reformed manufacturing industry into the city, recognizing Marbach’s clean and climate-controlled work environment. With the air-compressor industry being the largest in the Michigan City area, Meer is glad to be bringing in more diverse companies. 

“Several years ago we were just talking about building some spec buildings out here along Cleveland Avenue, and this is exactly what we wanted,” Meer said. “These types of high-tech, sophisticated, good-paying jobs are what we hope spreads through this corridor, so we couldn’t be happier.”

The best thing about this business, according to Meer, is that it will spur other business. More than likely, other businesses will see this new high-caliber manufacturer and want a piece of the pie themselves. Many major employers throughout Michigan City are hiring, including Marbach America, Inc. City officials and business leaders alike said that now is the time to get out there and join the search.    

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