Martin Binder Jeweler Reveals Who Makes Them Tick

By: Erin Evers Last Updated: August 7, 2014

Rhette-Bertram 3If you are looking for repairs to your favorite watch, Rhett Bertram is the watchmaker that can fix it and make it look as good as new. Working for Martin Binder Jeweler for 11 years, Bertram has experience and training in the difficult, yet rewarding task of watch repair.

Bertram oversees all watch repairs that are shipped out and done in-house. He deals with any issues with new watches and is happy to answer any questions about the mechanics and fine details that go into watch repair.

"I got into watchmaking through school. They did everything from watches, clocks and engravings. I started with watches, and from then just kept on going with them. I got a call one day at school. Martin, the owner, wanted to set up an appointment for an interview, and I've worked here ever since," Bertram explained.

Bertram graduated from Gem City College with a watchmaking and clockmaking degree. He received further training at Rolex and Swatch Group.

Rhette-Bertram 2"I'm constantly going back. There is always something new to learn about,"  he said.

The difficult part of watchmaking and repair is the mechanics. With intricate details and small pieces, you really need a good eye to be able to put them together.

"It's relaxing. I can just sit here and block everything else out when I work on my watches," Bertram explained of his back office that includes a work station and lots of room to store the small pieces of different watches.

On a day to day basis, Bertram sees a lot of battery changes and sizing of the bracelets. He sees a lot of small repairs of cracks and damages that he can fix to give the watch a new feel. He also does overhauls, which involve complete tear downs of watches. These are generally done every five years to keep watches running smoothly.

"A customer will come in and tell me that their watch just isn't running right or running slow. At that point, I take everything down, it goes through an ultrasonic bath, and then I can take it apart and examine it. I see what needs to be replaced and clean out any debris. It gets assembled, oiled, and timed. We polish and refinish the case to make it look new," Bertram said.

Rhette-Bertram 1Bertram works on a lot of different watches.

"Basically anything we can get parts for," he explained.

They service anything from Rolex, Seiko, Citizen, Tissot, Rado, and many other different brands.

"I really just like working on the watches. I really like tearing down the movements and going through them. We see a large variety of watches, so I really enjoy being here. There is always a different challenge," Bertram said of his job at Martin Binder Jeweler.

Whether it be a small repair or a complete tear down, Bertram is ready for any task coming his way. With his extensive training in watch repair, there's no better watchmaker for the job than Bertram to make your old watch tick again.

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