MasterTech Pest Control, Inc. advises NWI residents about ant species running rampant during the summer

MasterTech Pest Control, Inc. advises NWI residents about ant species running rampant during the summer

With the summer in full swing, one can expect thousands of insect species to run amok in their homes and backyards. Among the most notable of these insects are ants. One of the world’s most numerous insects, the ant is a social animal that can thrive in most ecosystems. Depending on the species, ants can form colonies that can number in the millions.

Luckily, MasterTech Pest Control, Inc. is available to help repel the spread of these species in your home and make sure they don’t ruin your summer activities. The company’s professionals can identify ant species and provide the best means of elimination and control. Many ant problems can be controlled through use of baits or sprays. Baits are carried back to a nest and fed to the other ants in the colony, resulting in elimination. Winged ants are best controlled with liquid or dusts.

The following ant types are among the most common in the Midwest and the ones that could become problematic during the summer months here in Northwest Indiana.

Carpenter ant: Commonly found in forested regions around the world, the carpenter ant ranks among the largest types of ants, averaging between 1/4 to 3/8 inches. These ants are often black, but may also have reddish or yellow colors. They often nest in dead wood like trees and logs, and signs of a residing colony will include piles of wood shavings. These ants often invade nearby homes for food, and while they don’t “eat” wood, they hollow out “galleries” in wood,which can damage buildings.

Pavement ant: With an average length of 1/10 of an inch, the pavement ant is a small brown ant that often nests under stones, slabs, and sometimes even under floors and walls. Often found in slab construction homes, a sign of a colony are piles of displaced soil next to pavement, and they sometimes invade homes for food.

Pharaoh ant: These light yellow ants, with a size of about 1/16 of an inch, are often found in food service and hospital buildings. Traveling along electrical wires or plumbing pipes, pharaoh ants are highly-adaptable and can nest in any well-protected areas throughout a structure. Specific baits and targeting are needed to thoroughly exterminate them.

Little black ant: Ranging about 1/8 of an inch in size, these ants reside in moist areas like rotting wood and under rocks. In homes, colonies are often made inside walls and under carpets.

Thorough inside and outside treatments are part of any service. MasterTech Pest Control, Inc. takes care of the pests you see—and the pests you don’t. They use only approved and high-quality products to provide top-notch safety measures with employees and customers in mind.

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