Mayor David Uran Visits with Crown Point Residents during 2017 “Meet the Mayor” Event

Mayor David Uran Visits with Crown Point Residents during 2017 “Meet the Mayor” Event

On Wednesday morning, residents of the Crown Point community were invited to Main Street Cafe to meet with Mayor David Uran and share their concerns and questions about the city. This event, which is hosted monthly at different locations, gives residents a chance to connect directly with the mayor and his department heads, and have their concerns addressed.

As Mayor Uran explained, these events are important in connecting him with the community he serves and ensuring that residents know about the changes taking place. The ability to connect directly with residents allows the city to thrive and maintain positive communication.

“We want to be able to have a direct line of communication with our community. Getting the right information out there by having people face-to-face with our administration is a big part of positive change,” said Mayor Uran. “We figured having these 12 times a year, at different time slots, would give us the chance to get that information out to more of our community and get more people involved.”

Residents were happy to partake in discussion at the event, asking questions about current projects and concerns. Many questioned streetlights and sidewalk repairs, and were informed on the best ways to report those concerns to the city to ensure a speedy response. Various issues were addressed by the mayor and his staff, and as one of the better attended of the meetings, it was obvious that residents care about their city.

“I’ve lived in Crown Point a very long time and I want to know what goes on in my town,” said Donna Selvaggi, an attendee. “I’m involved with the library and am a member of the Historical Society, I volunteer for special events and I love doing it. I just like to be involved with my town.”

Selvaggi wasn’t the only resident satisfied with the event. Kent Loosemore, a longtime resident of the city, was pleased to attend and be given the opportunity to interact with the mayor.

“I’ve lived in Crown Point since 1941 except for about 12 years, so I’m very interested in the community,” explained Loosemore. “I think Uran is one of the best mayors we’ve ever had. He took one of my questions this morning and answered it well. We’re all very proud of this city and it’s gotten so much better since he took over.”

Members of city administration also understand the importance of creating and attending these meetings. They believe it keeps them in touch with the community and allows more positive information to be shared with those involved.

“I think the Mayor feels as though this is a great way to communicate with the residents what’s happening and what changes on a monthly basis. He really likes to connect with the residents and I think the residents find it valuable for the information, and that they have a closer relationship with the mayor,” explained Diana Bosse, Special Events Administrator for the City of Crown Point.

For those in attendance, many positive pieces of information were shared. From the knowledge of road repair strategy to the concerns about high weeds on a neighboring property, residents left more informed and better acquainted with the mayor and staff of Crown Point.