McAfee Animal Hospital January 2019 Special

By: McAfee Animal Hospital Last Updated: January 9, 2019

McAfee-January-2019-SpecialJanuary Special: Wellness Blood Screening is $72!
Even pets that appear happy and healthy can have hidden medical problems that might grow serious, even life-threatening, if left undetected. Early detection will help to ensure that your pet will have a long, healthy and active life! Bloodwork also gives us baseline for future pet care.

Canine Wellness Screen Includes:
Mini-chemistry, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Heartworm Antigen Test, and T4 (Thyroid)

Feline Wellness Screen Includes:
Mini-Chemistry, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Feline Leukemia Test, and T4 (Thyroid)

*Mini-Chemistry Checks Liver, Kidneys, Blood Glucose, & Total Protein
*CBC Checks White Blood Count, Red Blood Count and Platelets