McAfee Animal Hospital Offers Boarding Options for Pets

McAfee Animal Hospital Offers Boarding Options for Pets

Anyone who travels knows that it isn’t always possible to bring your fur-babies along for the ride. While pets are a part of the family, plane travel, long rides, and certain circumstances sometimes mean they need a boarding facility for a few days. Finding someone you trust to take care of those pets is another matter entirely.

Luckily, McAfee Animal Hospital offers boarding for clients who are busy or need to be mobile for a few days. As a trustworthy facility with a high level of care available for your pets, they’re an easy choice. The same care the community has come to love is given to both cats and dogs that stay at the facility.


McAfee offers plenty of excellent services for their boarded pups. With individual runs for large dogs, individual walks on their 2.7 acre yard, and a trained kennel technician to care for them, they’re sure to be entertained, pampered, and well cared for while their owner is away. Plus, all dogs are required to be vaccinated for kennel cough, meaning they’re safe from unwanted sickness while staying with McAfee.


Dogs don’t get all the love at McAfee. Cats can also be boarded and are offered separate rooms from dog boarders. They’re also offered two-story kitty condos, plenty of sun, and individual attention while staying. Safety of pets is of the utmost importance, so all vaccines must be up-to-date on boarded animals, meaning every kitty is safe.

Dogs and cats get their individual needs met, but there are extras available for both sets! Special medical care is available for pets who need a little extra love. Oral medications, injections, and fluids can all be administered by McAfee’s highly trained staff.

Grooming is also available for an additional fee, and McAfee provides bedding, food, and bowls for pets in their care. If a pet has special food needs or a favorite toy, that’s ok too! McAfee encourages that they be sent along with any special instructions that help meet the needs of your pet. Finally, all pets receive a flea treatment to kill any fleas that may be spread to others, meaning they always come home flea-free!

To learn more about McAfee’s boarding services, visit them here, or give them a call at (219) 462-5901.