McColly Makes Finding the Right Home Easy with Walk Scores and Knowledgeable Agents

McColly Makes Finding the Right Home Easy with Walk Scores and Knowledgeable Agents

When buying a new home, there are so many factors to consider. From nearby schools to space to everything in between, choosing the right home can be a little overwhelming, even when you think you’ve gotten it figured out. But McColly Real Estate is working to make your home buying process just a bit easier by incorporating Walk Scores and Transit Scores into the system.

The Walk Score is a simple measure of how walkable an area is. The more amenities that are accessible on foot available, the higher the score. Even better, the number is customized to each address, meaning whole cities aren’t lumped together. Ranging from 1 to 100 in walkability, the score will let you know how likely it is that you’ll need a car in your new neighborhood.

"The scores give people a quantifiable way of assessing if a city has enough desired amenities in close proximity to where they want to live," said Rick Lahey, a McColly Real Estate Broker in Valparaiso.

Even better, by clicking on the “nearby” tab, homebuyers can see how walkable amenities in categories like groceries, dining and drinks, entertainment, parks, and schools are to their potential home! By viewing fluctuations in these numbers, potential homebuyers are able to grasp what sorts of activities are nearby, helping them make a better decision in the homebuying process. It’s even possible to see a map of nearby attractions that can be accessed on foot!

"Many families are now looking for walkable areas where they can 'do it all' within an urban design area and they are willing to pay more for the homes that offer a high walk score," explained Denise Little, a McColly agent from the Chesterton area. "Some buyers looking for their first home, moving up, or downsizing may not realize that they are relying on the Walk Scores but know what they like and want."

While the Walk Score paints a picture of pedestrian accessibility, the Transit Score helps potential homebuyers determine what local public transportation is available. The same scale applies and indicates whether there is minimal transit, some transit, good transit, excellent transit, or if the area is a rider’s paradise. The Transit Score is based on the distance and type of nearby transit available.

While these two numbers may not paint a complete picture of a neighborhood, they’re certainly a great start for selecting the right home for your family. Whether you need a completely walkable home or don’t mind a more car-dependent location, McColly can help you find the right location with the right balance.

To learn more about McColly and the Walk Scores, visit them here!