Meet Bryan Bennett: An Ethical Family Man That Gives Back

bryan bennettIn 2005, Bryan Bennett had a life changing event that led him to do some serious sole searching. In identifying his strength’s, Bryan’s list is chockfull of what should be admired in any man; incredible customer service, self-motivating, maintains strong marketing skills, the ability to be honest with others, and a desire to be his own boss. Bryan discovered he could utilize these skills to his advantage and they would in fact make him an industry leader in quality service and client satisfaction.

Bryan had the pleasure to hang his hat at Century 21 Alliance Group since day 1 in 2005. Century 21 Alliance Group allows him the freedom to utilize his skillset to help clients and achieve goals without restriction. Bryan’s favorite part about being an agent is undoubtedly the feeling of self-worth he gets while assisting client’s in reaching or exceeding their goals.

Bryan and his wife have been blessed with four children. Three are older at the ages of 21, 18, and 16 years old. As these three started to mature and fly from the nest, Bryan and his wife decided that their hearts and love for their children was second to nothing else, so they chose to plan a fourth child, now age 4, and was easily one of the best decisions they ever made. The Bennett’s have a lot of love to share and enjoy raising children so much that they often talk about adopting a child that is in need. Time will tell, stay tuned!

The Bennett’s chose to raise their children in the small 4 star schools of Kouts, IN, having become part of this small town community where everybody knows their name. Kouts has provided the Bennett’s a beautiful home with some land to run and play on, almost zero crime, and an incredible network of very close friends that keep them laughing and growing.

Moreover, Bryan is a giver not only to his family, but to the community where he lives. “I really enjoy giving back to the community. I have volunteered at the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Valparaiso Chamber, and several other local committees. I however found my niche in giving back using my particular skill set. I spend a lot of my free time coaching youth sports teams and am currently a volunteer High School Golf Coach and Pre K youth soccer coach,” he stated regarding his extensive involvement with helping and assisting others.

“I am also passionate about the game of golf,” Bryan continues, “Playing golf has paid for my college education. Golf has been an income source for me as a professional player, teacher, and coach. Playing golf has taken me all over the world, introduced me to thousands of people, and allowed me to experience many, many cultures. I feel as if I almost owe the game something back. Nowhere else do I find the peace I find while outside, enjoying the challenges of a game which cannot be beat.”

If you see Bryan out and about, feel free to stop and say hello. He enjoys meeting new people and catching up with friends as well. Feel free to ask him any of your Real Estate questions…”I love my profession, helping others out, and positive passionate conversations!” Bryan Bennett is truly an ethical family man, self-aware, and a giver to others.