Meet Jennifer Papaevangelou, the Singing Server at Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grill

Meet Jennifer Papaevangelou, the Singing Server at Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grill

Quality of food, quality of service and convenient location - these are important elements to consider when deciding which of the many delicious local restaurants to visit for a meal, and Jennifer Papaevangelou thinks that Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grill in Valparaiso, Indiana has it all covered.

If you stop into Industrial Revolution, you might just be lucky enough to find Jennifer as your server. Jennifer has worked at Industrial Revolution for the past three years, and enjoys the chance to put her 16-plus years of experience in serving to good use at the local eatery, and particularly enjoys the variety of people whom she gets to meet and serve.

“I like the different clientele that we get here. Because we’re located right here on Route 30, we get a lot of people who stop in as they’re passing through the area - on their way home from out of state, local families stopping by, that sort of thing. And we’re so close to Valparaiso University, so we get a lot of students and their friends and families, as well. I like being able to meet so many different people,” said Jennifer.

Born and raised in Hobart, where she met her husband, Jennifer says that they had spent some time in Florida before deciding to return to Northwest Indiana, and currently live in Valparaiso.

“We just bought a house here in town and we love it!”

Jennifer says that she has a hard time answering whenever anyone asks what she recommends to eat at Industrial Revolution.

“I giggle every time someone asks me that,” Jennifer laughed. “I have favorites in every category. My favorite burger is the Edison Burger - a fresh all-meat patty, smothered in mozzarella, pesto mayo, bruschetta and a parmesan crisp on a patio bun. It’s really good! I get the Aviator Salad a lot too - that’s our version of the classic Caesar Salad.”

When asked if she has any hidden talents, Jennifer is quick to answer.

“Well, it’s not really hidden, but I like to sing a lot. I run around the restaurant singing like a crazy person sometimes,” Jennifer said.

And yes, Jennifer sometimes will honor requests.

industrial-revolution-jennifer-p-2017-2“One time a guy came in here and he heard me singing. He asked me to sing the lyrics to a certain song for him, so I did. His wife told me that he’s been doing that for years, every time they go to a restaurant. She said that I was the only server who’s ever played along. It was a great time. I like to have fun.”

Jennifer says that you don’t have to worry about anyone singing “Happy Birthday” to you if you stop in at IR on your special day, though.

“We don’t do that here. Some people get embarrassed, so we like to keep it low key and just congratulate them on their day.”

As with all good rules though, there is always an exception.

“One time, we had a young girl here who was celebrating her birthday. She was probably about five, and her older sister asked if we could sing for her, so I asked all the other servers here and we went and sang for her. Even the other guests in the restaurant joined in, it was really sweet.”

Jennifer says she went to school for massage therapy, but decided to stick with being a server.

“I just love serving. I want people to have the best experience possible. It’s not like the 80’s anymore, where there might only be a few places to go eat. There are like, millions of restaurants now, all over, and people come here. They pick us as the place they choose to visit and come spend their hard-earned money. They deserve the very best experience when they come here.”

Jennifer feels that the menu is one of the things that really sets Industrial Revolution apart.

“Everything here is made fresh. A lot of restaurants have sort of an assembly-line approach to food, and our home-style menu here really sets us apart from that. You can come here and get a meatloaf if you want, burger, or pot pie. Everything here is made fresh.”

Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grill is located at 1084 Linwood Ave, Valparaiso, IN, at the intersection of Linwood Avenue and Route 30. For more information, you can visit them on the web at