Meet Matt Yankauskas, a Hines Plumbing Apprentice

Meet Matt Yankauskas, a Hines Plumbing Apprentice

Hines Plumbing owner, Jack Hines, has an apprentice who is following in his footsteps. Matt Yankauskas, a Hebron resident, has been working with Hines Plumbing for about a year and a half. He came to Jack when he needed a change of scene.

“I decided I wanted a change, so I went to Jack and asked for a job,” Yankauskas said. “And it turned out that I really enjoyed what I did with plumbing.”

Yankauskas said that he learns something new every day, and the skills that he has picked up can be used in everyday living so this is a useful trade to get into.

“I like knowing that if something needs to be fixed I can now fix it myself,” Yankauskas said. “And I get to work with my hands and stay active every day.”

On a daily basis, Yankauskas will go with Jack on service calls, help with bathroom remodels, and help with new construction when a project arises.

“Jack is a great boss. It’s fun to work for him,” Yankauskas said. “If you make a mistake he doesn’t get mad, he understands and then helps you find a solution.”

Yankauskas has some advice that he wants to give to young people who are considering going into the trades.

“Do it,” he said simply. “You will learn every day and use those skills that you learn in other areas. This allows you to be self-sufficient.”

Outside of work, Yankauskas loves to spend time with his family and friends, and he is an avid disc golfer.