Meet the ‘Ladies of Johnny On The Spot’

Meet the ‘Ladies of Johnny On The Spot’

For region-based Johnny On The Spot, providing exceptional customer service is one of the most important aspects of their operations. To make this happen, the Ladies of Johnny On The Spot, who handle all the office operations, work exceptionally hard to make every customer order and interaction outstanding.

The Ladies of Johnny On The Spot - Tabetha Heemstra, Brittany Morrow, Angie Upsall, and Courtney Grezenko - are professional, friendly, and always ready to help with any questions their customers may have, and it’s their mission to provide prompt, dependable, personalized service that will continuously exceed expectations.

Let’s meet the Ladies of Johnny On The Spot:

JOTS-Ladies-2017_02 Tabetha Heemstra
After Tabetha and her husband, Rich, took over the business in 2010, they’ve worked incredibly hard to build Johnny On The Spot into the renowned and successful company that it is today. Throughout the region, and from the Ohio border to well into Illinois, the reputation that the Heemstra’s have built has allowed them to consistently grow year after year.

“For the first five years, from 2009-2014, I did it all in here,” Tabetha said when describing her role early on running the office operations. “I feel like I'm really good at spinning multiple plates and that’s the kind of people that we look for in here; people who can be pulled in many directions but know where you left off. To be able to keep your focus and pick up where you left off is important, especially while we’re in the thick of our busy season, and that’s one of the things that makes our group special.”

Having her fellow ‘Ladies’ to handle some of the customer service-related responsibilities has allowed Tabetha to focus on other areas of the business. This dynamic has had an impact, not only in the office but throughout operations at Johnny On The Spot as their ability to go above and beyond has led to tremendous feedback from their loyal and happy customers.

“If you’re going to do something do it well,” Tabetha said. “It starts from the moment we speak with the customer and take the order. Whether it’s our drivers making sure every inch of our restrooms are clean or, here in the office, working to help a customer find exactly what they need, we want to exceed expectations and because of that we’ve grown our business.”

When speaking about what makes the Ladies of Johnny On The Spot special, Tabetha said, “We all get along well and I believe in a caring attitude that, sort of, carries over into our group. If you see someone struggling with something or having issues, we’re all very supportive of each other and we try to be there for each other.”

JOTS-Ladies-2017_03 Brittany Morrow
Brittany Morrow joined Johnny On The Spot in March of 2016 and now, a year-and-a-half later, she’s worked in positions throughout the company’s office operations. In learning much and taking on many roles in that time, Brittany has gained great knowledge of the way Johnny On The Spot operates. That’s put her in a great position, as the dispatcher, to work between the customers and the delivery and service crews to continue the great service the company provides customers.

“I started as a customer service rep, and that’s kind of how everyone starts out, but then I moved into special events,” said Brittany. “I still do all of the things that everyone does, like answer phones and take orders, but I eventually became dispatcher. There’s not a single order placed that I don’t touch so I’m also working with the drivers to make sure that every order goes out correctly, and every restroom is being serviced.”

In describing how the Ladies of Johnny On The Spot work so well together, Brittany said, “We all have our speciality but we also work really well together to get things done. When we’re busy, we’re all really good at multi-tasking. Yes, I’m the dispatcher but I’m still going to pick up the phone and it’s great that we’re each able to fill those roles. It’s great to have that flexibility because when there’s 1000 work orders in July that need to be done, we’re a team and we can handle whatever challenges we might meet.”

Brittany spoke about her favorite part of the position in saying, “The chaos! I am a numbers person so the crazy chaos of having 36 potties to get out today and my trucks hold this many, and this is how many drivers I have. It’s a constant puzzle so it works really well for me. In the middle of July it’s stressful but I don’t ever go home hating my job. That’s where I thrive and I’m definitely well-suited to my position.”

JOTS-Ladies-2017_04 Angie Upsall
In coming to Johnny On The Spot in July of 2016, Angie Upsall was moving on from a job that she really didn’t love and now, after over a year with the company, she’s really enjoying the team and her position as the first person you’ll meet if you visit Johnny On The Spot.

“I wanted to do something that was less heavy, had a more relaxed atmosphere, and that’s what I’ve found here,” Angie said. “Here, I’m answering the phones, taking orders, and helping customers that stop into the office”

Angie continued, in speaking about the atmosphere at Johnny On The Spot, saying, “This is just a really fun place to be. We work really well as a team and we see that in the feedback we get from our customers. What it boils down to is how much we’re all on the same page, and that allows us to make sure that customers are taken care of first and foremost.”

JOTS-Ladies-2017_05 Courtney Grezenko
In her first several months since joining Johnny On The Spot, Courtney Grezenko adjusted well to the fast-paced busy season that was her introduction to the company. Now working in customer service and special events, Courtney has found contentment in the work, the atmosphere, and in her fellow Ladies of Johnny On The Spot.

“Everyone here is super nice and I mentioned last week that I hit the jackpot when I started here,” Courtney said. “I haven’t been here that long but what I’ve heard from customers is how great the service is. It’s exciting and motivating to hear that and to be on such a great team.”

The feedback that Courtney’s heard from customers in her first few months with Johnny On The Spot has been encouraging, and the talents that each individual member brings to the table has helped to create a team that works incredibly well together.

“We really work together here and I still have questions everyday, but everyone’s willing to help,” described Courtney. “If it’s a busy day, we’re all able to step up and cover for each other, which it’s great to know that there’s someone that can have your back.”

At the end of the day, as Brittany described, the Ladies of Johnny On The Spot play many roles in working towards the company’s success. No matter their distinct roles with Johnny On The Spot, they’re all customer service representatives and their teamwork, determination, and desire to go above and beyond everyday is basis on which their success is built.

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