Meet the Levin Tire Team from their Valparaiso Location!

Meet the Levin Tire Team from their Valparaiso Location!
By: Allison Tunstall Last Updated: March 29, 2017

Since 1918, Levin Tire has provided Northwest Indiana residents with great service and repair for your car and tires that take you anywhere you need to go, and their Valparaiso location is no exception.

Levin Tire would not be able to provide that excellent service without a team of experienced and dedicated employees ready to fit your car with some new tires or solve the mystery of why your car is making that sound.

Meet the Levin Tire team from their Valparaiso location!

levin-tire-valpo-jimDouglas Olin, Service Advisor:
Olin has been with Levin Tire in Valparaiso for a year, but has been in the car service industry for 13 years. For him, this industry is a family business, so it only made sense for him to follow in those footsteps, especially with a company like Levin which has been family owned and operated since 1918.

levin-tire-valpo-markMark Lynn, Automotive Technician:
Lynn has been an Automotive Technician with Levin Tire for 9 years. He’s been in the industry, however, for 32 years. He believes Levin Tire is a great company to work for and offers him the chance to do the problem solving he loves when working with cars.

levin-tire-valpo-mikeMike Gillen, Automotive Technician:
Gillen has worked with Levin Tire for three years. However, just like his colleagues, he has been in the car service industry for 17 years. Finding a solution for a problem is what draws Gillen to this work, and Levin Tire provides the opportunity to do just that.

levin-tire-valpo-dougJim Wayco, Service Advisor:
Wayco has worked in the automotive industry all of his life, and for the past 8 years, has brought his expertise to Levin Tire throughout Northwest Indiana. He’s a people person and a problem solver, so working in this industry and with Levin Tire is the perfect blend of both.

levin-tire-valpo-nickNick Bello, Manager:
Bello has worked in customer service for 20 years and the last four he has worked with Levin Tire. The fact that Levin is a family owned company that has serviced Northwest Indiana for almost a hundred years. It’s a strong company and name that allows him to work with people and solve problems.

Levin Tire has been a dedicated servant to Porter and Lake County, which can be seen through the quality of service and the expertise of very single employee. So need some new tires or your car is making an odd sound? Stop in at Levin Tire at 203 Silhavy Road in Valparaiso and say hello to a friendly face or call (219) 246-4349 today!