Meet the Team at Porterfield Family Chiropractic: Jessica Clark

Meet the Team at Porterfield Family Chiropractic: Jessica Clark

Unlike most people, being in and out of her doctor’s office made Jessica Clark more attracted to the medical field. Her job at Porterfield Family Chiropractic is a rung on a career ladder that she has wanted to climb for a long time.

“I love chiropractic so much,” says Jessica. “I love how it works without having to use medication or surgery. People can get help in an organic way. It’s frustrating to see people use it as a last resort.”

Her own introduction to chiropractic happened in much the same way. Like most people, Jessica had never heard of it when a friend suggested chiropractic medicine for her headaches. A curiosity for all-things-medical told her to give it a try. The treatments began to curb the migraines and even improved her struggle with diabetes.

It was her diabetes that got her interested in medicine in the first place.

Jessica was diagnosed at three years old so she spent most of her life around nurses. She grew up wanting to be one. When she missed the deadline for nursing school she went for phlebotomy instead so she would still be furthering her medical education.

Phlebotomy turned out to be a passion for her. It helped her gain the knowledge and experience necessary to pursue her career goals. She has even attended phlebotomy conferences lately to see how it can be applied in a chiropractic office.

Still, working with Dr. Porterfield is “Way different than what I’m used to," she explained. "I love the change of pace. It’s something new, I’ve never done scheduling or anything office-wise so it’s a good experience for me.”

Jessica has a lot of reasons to like her new job. She has grown close to the people she works with. Her boss, Dr. Porterfield, still treats her headaches. Getting to know her patients is an interaction she cherishes.

“If you’re not able to communicate with them, not just say ‘here, check in, have a seat,’ you can’t have a relationship with them. And that’s an important part of having a successful practice. You only hear about the good and the bad but not the okay. If your patients like you, they will refer people.”

Jessica still considers going back to school to finish her nursing degree. For now, she is happy to be learning all she can from Porterfield Family Chiropractic.

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