Meet the Whole New Way to Experience Coors Light: The Coors Light XP App

Meet the Whole New Way to Experience Coors Light: The Coors Light XP App

Now, you can earn experience points and redeem them for one-of-a-kind rewards such as access to your favorite sporting events and Coors Light gear.

This XP can be earned in 3 ways:

  • By entering XP codes found inside specially marked Coors Light 12-packs and 15-packs
  • Completing challenges such as posting on Instagram with #CoorsLightXPRewards
  • Play trivia about Coors

IB-Coors-XP_02Earning this XP will level you up on your climb from Member level to VIP and then to Elite level. Like climbing a mountain, the higher you get, the greater the reward. The XP can get you Coors Light gear or big-ticket items like seats at a game if you’ve saved up enough.

Using the app is simple enough to do. Logging in and creating an account is a breeze, and after that the process is pretty self-explanatory. Users can input redeemable codes to accrue points that will help them move up the mountain to higher points in the app and gain access to greater prizes as they go.

If Coors is your flavor of adult beverage, this is pretty much a no-brainer because the app rewards you for what you already do. If you already like it, you might as well take advantage of the rewards and enjoy that ice-cold beer all at once.

IB-Coors-XP_03Some potential rewards include a keg grill, aluminum cups, game tickets (including college football/basketball, NHL, NBA), a cooler bag, a mountain-shaped mini fridge, skis, and much, much more.

There are other ways to earn reward points too, such as testing your Coors knowledge (like the name of the famous Mountain on the can) in fun quizzes and completing challenges that the app gives you, like connecting your Instagram account for example.

All in all, the app is fun and easy to use and gives you an extra something to enjoy while you imbibe your favorite beer!