Meet Troy Crowel of Fiddlehead

troy crowelFiddlehead Restaurant in Michigan City has great people in its employ, from the dedicated owners to the veterans learning a new trade, to the rest of the hard-working staff. Troy Crowel, a born and raised Michigan City resident, has been calling Fiddlehead his second home since 2015.

Crowel decided that it was time to get a job that was closer to his home and one that would work around his school schedule. He heard about Fiddlehead and its great reputation and threw his hat into the ring.

“I’m going back to school at Ivy Tech and I wanted something that was flexible,” Crowel said.

Crowel is a server at Fiddlehead and he is a natural at the position. He’s good at reading people, knowing when they want attention or when they want to eat their meals in peace.

“I have fun with people. I’m a good judge of character. If a guests want someone to talk to or if a guests want to be left alone I can tell,” he said. "I know what it takes to make me happy when I go out to eat so I try to make that happen for my guests."

This good intuition even got Crowel a R.O.S.E. Award from the La Porte County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  

Owners Mary Koselke and Aaron O'Reily run a tight ship at Fiddlehead, but they are very family-centered and they treat their staff like family. 

"[Mary and Aaron] both have a very strong presence at the restaurant," Crowel said. "They really care about their employees. I’ve worked in other family-owned restaurants but this is the first place that I’ve been where we’re actually treated like family. Aaron and Mary have a clear goal of what they want."

That mentality even extends to the customers.

"The return customer base is really big," Crowel said. "We have people who come in every week or two or three times a week. The customers are treated like family, all the servers are great. We’re playful and fun here.”

When Crowel is not at work or school he is with his family. 

"I love my family and any free moment I have goes to them," Crowel said.