MegaBrew Deal Will Not Affect Indiana Beverage

rot3Indiana Beverage Chairman, Bruce Leetz, today commented that with the pending acquisition by Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) of SAB Miller set for October 10th, there will be no change to the current Indiana beer distribution system as a result of the MegaBrew takeover. The same great MillerCoors brands of beer that we proudly distribute today will continue to be served to our customers tomorrow! "We've been distributing Miller High Life since 1939 and the Coors brands since they came to Indiana in 1991, and all of us at Indiana Beverage are really glad that won't change. We believe this deal only strengthens our brewery partnership with MillerCoors." Leetz added.

According to Craig Purser, President and CEO of the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA), the Department of Justice (DOJ) imposed certain conditions on the takeover with the goal of maintaining competition in the beer industry and ensuring the continuation of the robust and competitive independent distribution system. Upon completion of this deal, MillerCoors will be wholly owned by Molson Coors and will become the largest American-owned brewer.

"Across this great country and right here in Indiana, beer is taking center stage thanks in large part to the craft beer renaissance. We are fortunate to offer to our retailers and consumers in our market more than 1,520 brands of beer from 88 brewery partners from around the world including 9 from right here in Indiana." said Jon Leetz, President of Indiana Beverage. According to the NBWA there are over 4,600 breweries today in the United States compared to only 50 in the 1980s. "The winner is the American consumer, who now enjoys an incredibly broad spectrum of innovative, independently produced beer products for every taste. All of this consumer choice is possible because of a robust and competitive system of independent distribution, which reduces barriers to market for brewers of all sizes, creates a competitive playing field for brewers of all sizes and keeps pricing competitive for consumers." Craig Purser said.

The role of an independent distributor like Indiana Beverage goes beyond providing good paying jobs with benefits, and delivering a variety of products to retailers and consumers. It provides other benefits that the general public doesn't necessarily sees or hears about like protecting consumers from outdated and defective products, ensuring proper licensing and compliance with local alcohol regulations, and collecting alcohol related taxes. Responsibly serving the community is a part of our mission and values at Indiana Beverage. "Not only do we, as a company, contribute dollars to the community, our employees support their communities by contributing their time, talents, and dollars to a number of community efforts. As an independent beer distributor, we genuinely believe we are a vital part of the communities we serve." Jon Leetz added.

Indiana Beverage located in Porter County Indiana with approximately 270 employees has been delivering the difference since 1939. "For over 77 years, Indiana Beverage has been dedicated to its core values of: passion, respect, integrity, commitment, and excelling. These values and the company's success are shared by every member of Team Indiana Beverage. And with the third generation of the Leetz family leading the company, we can appreciate the fact that family members from both Molson and Coors are still passionate and actively involved in the beer business." Bruce Leetz added.

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