Megan Mitzel Showcases Fiddlehead’s Positive Outlook

Megan Mitzel Showcases Fiddlehead’s Positive Outlook
By: Contributor Last Updated: May 17, 2018

Michigan City native Megan Mitzel is one of the many smiling faces that keep Fiddlehead Restaurant running smoothly. Mitzel, a two year employee at Fiddlehead, enjoys many aspects of her job and takes pride in every moment she spends there.

“I get to do my own thing at my own pace,” Mitzel said. “I open the restaurant so I get a few hours by myself… I like working in the morning. It’s nice because I make everything that goes out too, I take a lot of pride in that.”

Mitzel only recently started opening the kitchen, but it’s something she looks forward to every day. Overcoming a fear of the dark and adjusting to the solitude may have taken a bit, but the importance of her work is never taken for granted.

“When I first started I was a little scared of the dark, but I like opening a lot now because it’s a big responsibility,” Mitzel said. “I like having a lot to do to keep busy.”

Mitzel may enjoy working alone, but coworkers are also a major part of her enjoying work. Knowing that she can turn to them for support or rely on them to help her when needed makes Mitzel even more excited to head to work each day.

“We’re like a tight family,” Mitzel said. “We always have each other's backs. Even though we’re all really different people, we all understand one another. We bounce off each other in terms of supporting one another, when one person needs help we all step in.”

Perhaps the coworker that has the most influence on Mitzel’s day is Fiddlehead owner, Aaron O’Reilly. As a supportive and thoughtful leader, O’Reilly knows when to step in and help her out and how to create a positive environment for his crew.

“He’s just awesome. He’s so thoughtful and giving,” Mitzel said. “If someone is having a bad day he knows and he does something to make them feel better. Whenever he’s around you know you’re going to be happy.”

O’Reilly is just one positive of Fiddlehead, though. Mitzel also finds meaning and excitement in all aspects of her work.

“I like chopping a lot,” exclaimed Mitzel. “I was always so slow with chopping but now, I am precise every time. I like cleaning too. I go I wipe down everything and it’s just my time to relax. Also, I like to change the oil in the fryer. I just like the satisfaction of cleaning it all out.”

Fiddlehead has obviously had a positive impact on Mitzel, but she was quick to point out how Fiddlehead has improved the town as well.

“Ever since Fiddlehead opened it’s brought more people down to our district, so it’s much busier now. Because of that, I’ve gotten to know more about the town and the people in it,” Mitzel said.

As you can see, Mitzel and the Fiddlehead crew are ready to share their positivity to anyone interested in a great meal and atmosphere.

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