Memorial Elementary Canvas and Kool-aid Event

On Wednesday afternoon, the elementary students at Memorial Elementary School were prepared, with brushes in hand, to create their masterpieces. After listening patiently and attentively to their instructor, Karyn Wenger, Art Teacher at Memorial and Parkview Elementary Schools, they were eager to begin.

Blues, greens, and purple colors flowed, covering the blank canvases in front of them. The initial class began the first week of school upon the inspiration of Wenger, who had participated in a similar class designed for adults.

"Seeing the kids enjoy themselves and returning for the classes is incredible. The class provides a setting to get to know the kids and their parents better, which I have enjoyed," Wenger said. 

As the children continued to paint, they would frequently "check out" their neighbors painting skills offering compliments on both color selection and skill. For Tyler Young, a 4th grader at Memorial, this was the second time he had attended the class. He decided to attend the classes because he loves art and aspires to be an artist when he is older.

"I wanted to be a scientist when I grow up, but then I realized that I could be both maybe," Young said.

He likes being very creative in his artwork and especially likes painting spaceships. He shared that he painted a haunted house at the previous class.

At the end of Wednesday's session, the young, budding artists had created a colorful turkey, just in time for Thanksgiving.

The two-hour class, beginning at 3:30 p.m., is held at Memorial Elementary and is open to students at both Memorial and Parkview Schools. It will be held every other Wednesday for the remainder of the school year and is limited to eight students. The cost is $25 per session.

For more information regarding the class, please contact Karyn Wenger at 219-405-0053 or email

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