Memorial Elementary is on the Hunt for Kind Words

Memorial-Elementary-Kindness-Eggs-01There was an Egg Hunt of a different variety taking place at Memorial Elementary School on Friday, April 3, 2015 . It was a hunt for kind words and sweet phrases instead of sweet treats. Memorial Elementary Kindness Keepers is an organization dedicated to spreading kindness and encouraging positive peer interactions. Their most recent project involved stuffing plastic eggs with positive phrases such as: you are awesome, you rock, keep smiling, and you’ve got swag. The eggs were then hidden around the school grounds for everyone to find. Students were asked to return them to their hiding places so someone else could find them too. Many smiles were brought by the brightly colored eggs with happy thoughts stuffed inside. Three Kindness Keepers read this poem on the morning announcements to tell the students about the hunt.

Today is a special day at Memorial School.
Today you will find hidden eggs that are really cool.
Hidden around our building and our grounds.
All you have to do is look around.
Inside each egg is a message from us to you.
Read it once, read it twice and know that it is true.
After you have peeked inside,
Return the egg and leave it hide.
Someone else will find it soon.
And the message will make them smile too.
Happy Spring to everyone,
And remember this as you play in the sun
It’s Black and White...
Kindness is Right!