Memorial Kids Being Kind

Memorial-Kids-Being-KindKindness has become very cool at Memorial Elementary, and the staff and students are rising to a new challenge. The Kindness Keepers, a student club, has challenged the school to “21 Days of Kindness” from January 12 to February 2. During the 21 Day Kindness Challenge, they are keeping their eyes open for random acts of kindness and reporting them back to the club sponsor, Mrs. Shellie Schoff. All of the random acts of kindness are being recorded on the “graffiti wall of kindness” in the hallway. Each day students are checking the wall for newly added names and deeds. They are genuinely excited when they see a familiar name and very proud when they find their own. The Kindness Keepers have also been charged with being a good example for their peers. Mrs. Schoff is documenting Memorial’s progress on the website,

The students from The Kindness Keepers used this announcement to help motivate the students and staff:

“Don’t forget Memorial, we are now in our 21 Days of Kindness Challenge. What good deeds have you seen around you? What kind of acts have you done for your classmates, Memorial Staff and at home?

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” So what are you doing for others? Are you reaching out to those who are sad? Are you complimenting a friend on his new shoes? Are you picking up the coat that fell from its hook and hanging it back up? So today and everyday, be on the lookout for things that you can do for others because it is important to ask yourself, “what have I done for others?”

The positive leadership of the Kindness Keepers has become infectious and everyone is looking for those random acts. It is certain that the Memorial students and staff will continue committing random acts of kindness after our challenge is over, at school and in the community.

Did you know that February 9 - 15 is National Random Acts of Kindness week? The Memorial students would like to challenge you to join our kindness campaign. Some suggestions for you from the Kindness Keepers are: let someone go in front of you at the grocery store, send a card to a patient in a nursing home, help shovel your neighbors' sidewalks or help carry out groceries at the grocery store. Sharing random acts of kindness with others is a powerful way to make a person’s day special while having some fun.