Methodist Hospital’s “Night Out with the Girls” Aims for Happier, Healthier Lives

The July heat may be beating down on Northwest Indiana, but women could stay cool and relaxed at Merillville Methodist Hospital’s Breast Care Center’s "Healthy Night Out with the Girls."

The quarterly event focused on how to have an overall healthy lifestyle, Jennifer Sanders, manager of the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center, said.

Women who attended could receive hand massages, back massages, a breast risks assessment, a bone density screening, refreshments and goodie bags.

“They’re great events that are going on – patients love them,” Sanders said.

First-timer at Healthy Night Out Carrie Blythe was invited to attend the event by her friend and said she most enjoyed her hand massage. Blythe was also interested in bone density and learning about how to keep her bones healthy.

After her hand massage, bone screening and back massage, Blythe settled in with refreshments and her friends to listen to the evening’s speaker.

“I’m looking forward to the presentation,” Blythe said.

Obstetrician-Gynecologist Valentin Drezaliu came in to talk to the women about easy ways to make their lives happier and healthier.

“These days, I think there’s lots of minute-changes we can do to improve the quality of life through physical activity, diet, ways of reducing everyday stress,” Drezaliu said. “It’s pretty much centered around all these small changes that everybody can do to improve their quality of life.”

Drezaliu said he hoped his presentation would help women, “to apply these small changes to be happier to feel healthier and be able to pass the message along to the other human beings as well.”

The next Healthy Night Out with the Girls will be on Sept. 15 with a focus on breast cancer genetics.

“I love that people are interested in their health,” Sanders said. “I love that they take time to sign up for these events and come in and take care of themselves. That’s our ultimate goal: to have the events [where] patient involvement is part of the solution. Work with us, we’re here to provide you with all this information. Come on in and get it. I love that they come in and actually get the information, so just the fact that they show up is wonderful for me.”

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