Methodist Hospitals Celebrates Employees at 2016 Service Awards

“Recognition is important for any organization,” said Raymond Grady, CEO of Methodist Hospitals, at the 2016 Service Awards. Held at Avalon Manor on March 18, the banquet was an opportunity for Methodist Hospitals to honor its employees for their years of dedication, highlighting those that have served 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and even 40 years of employment at their 23 various campuses and pavilions.

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“This is an opportunity to recognize the employees who have dedicated their careers to Methodist Hospitals,” Grady said, “These are the employees who reflect the values of compassion, respect, excellence, accountability and responsiveness when it comes to taking care of patients.”

Evelyn Morrison, Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager, was recognized last year for her 10 years with Methodist Hospitals.

“It was awesome to be recognized and get a pin. This event really fits in with our vision of being the best place for employees to work because we really honor our employees with events such as this.”

Arriving to the banquet in a limo provided by Methodist was Vanessa Gooch, an employee in the physical therapy department.

“She assists wherever she is needed,” said Deborah Prewitt, “Her smile, her soft words, and her knowing look puts our patients at ease. She sets the tone for the therapist to achieve outstanding outcomes with our patients.”

“It’s a pleasure to work for Methodist for 40 years, but I’m not ready to retire,” Gooch said, “Methodist Hospitals Midlake is just like family. We all go in there with a purpose, and when we see our patients improve that is a blessing.”

Another employee, Torneanda Stallings, has also been with Methodist for 40 years. She was unable to attend the event.

In addition to honoring time served with the organization, four special awards were presented to employees for their abilities to go above and beyond what is expected of someone in their positions. The Safety Star of the Year award went to Jacqueline Cooper, a pharmacist who questioned a medication order that turned out to be a typo, effectively saving that patient from any possible complications.

Humanitarian of the Year is awarded to an employee who makes a great impact at work and in the lives of people in the communities served by Methodist. Lisa Montagano was recognized for her involvement in fundraising, training young girls with “Girls on the Run”, and volunteering for the Crisis Text Hotline, where she has helped more than 150 people with a variety of crises.

Emily Nieto was awarded Employee of the Year for her leadership with the Unit Based Excellence Team, and for outstanding contributions and behavior that exemplify the Methodist Hospitals Model of Care and Conduct.

Leader of the Year was awarded to Rev. Dr. David Neville who has served as department director, committee chair, pastor, coach, friend, and mentor for countless people in the Methodist organization. He has been with the hospitals for over 10 years.

“We have a lot of events throughout the year,” Grady said, “But this, in my opinion, is the most important one.”

The evening was a wonderful opportunity for Methodist Hospitals to honor all the employees that follow their mission: “To provide compassionate, quality health care services to all those in need.”  

Photos by Andrew Rowe