Methodist Hospitals’ Northlake Campus is NWI’s 1st and Only Trauma Center

rot6Did you know that Methodist Hospitals’ Northlake Campus is Northwest Indiana’s only “in process” Level III trauma center? This designation positively affects the surrounding communities as it’s located in an industrial corridor in Gary, IN by three of the state’s busiest interstates. Before this, the closest trauma centers to Northwest Indiana were in South Bend, Chicago, and Oak Lawn.

The leading cause of death among Hoosier children, adolescents, and adults through age 44 is serious injury, and the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. Having Methodist Hospitals’ trauma center so nearby will help to lessen the risk of death as studies show that the sooner an individual gets treatment for an injury, the better their chances of survival.

It’s important to note that a trauma center is not the same as an emergency department. Emergency Departments to care for trauma patients, but a trauma center has to meet specific requirements such as:

Having a surgeon automatically respond to the most critically injured patients Staffing trauma-trained nurses and physicians Observing and carrying out trauma care guidelines Providing injury prevention activities Employing an administrative trauma staff

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