Methodist Hospitals Raise Awareness for New Treatments and Procedures at Clinical Innovations Presentation

Methodist Hospitals Raise Awareness for New Treatments and Procedures at Clinical Innovations Presentation
By: Marwa Nour Last Updated: July 7, 2017

Methodist Hospitals hosted an Orthopedic and Spine Surgery seminar to raise awareness about new treatments, and advances in the field. Physicians from the community and their staff were invited to listen to presentations about pediatric diagnosis and treatment related to the spine, foot, and ankle as well as sports injuries. The goal of the seminar was to educate and inform attendees about the treatments that are available at Methodist Hospitals.

I've been working for Methodist for about a year now, “ said Dr. Ashish Patel, MD, a Spine and Scoliosis Surgery Fellow, with Methodist Hospitals. “My specialty is spine surgery, and for this seminar I am speaking about pediatric spinal deformities so the focus of this presentation is pediatrics. I hope my presentation helps to build awareness about scoliosis and helps clinicians understand that children with this condition can be treated in Northwest Indiana. People usually head to Chicago or to Indianapolis, but I think that is because of lack of awareness that there are physicians that are highly skilled and trained to treat this disease right here.”

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Three physicians offered in depth information about what goes into diagnosis and treatment of their respective fields. Although they spoke about three different specialties, they all focused on two main ideas: recognition and diagnosis of the disease as soon as possible.

“A younger patient is not a young adult,” said Dr. Omar Perez, MD, a Methodist Hospitals Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Fellow. “They require specific considerations, and their injuries need to be addressed properly to avoid any repercussions.”

Methodist hospitals is raising awareness about treatment options when it comes to pediatric diseases and by having three doctors in different specialties present real cases they have treated helped to educate their colleagues and staff.

Dr. Mark Jones, DPM, a Board Certified Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Surgery Fellow, made a point to mention that treatment today aren't what they used to be, and patients can get back to their lives regular lives sooner.

“I am presenting on pediatric flat foot deformity. It’s a condition that is increasing in numbers but I hope that people understand that operative management isn’t what it used to be,” said Jones. “ It won’t take months and months and month to heal. Operative management can take as little as 10 minutes to correct. And the recovery back to sports can be as little as a few months.”

The informative presentations encouraged those in attendance to find out more about diagnosis and treatment, and offered some attendees knowledge that would help increase their awareness of the latest treatment options available to their patients right here in Northwest Indiana.

“Being from a chiropractic office we are interested in working with medical physician more,” said Bobby Hall from Hall Chiropractic. “Helping people through every possible avenue that we can, that’s what we aim to do.”

Attendees were encouraged to ask questions after each presentation, but the goal of the seminar was clear. Dr. Omar Perez noted, “The ultimate take away that I hope people understand is that if you don’t aggressively treat these diseases at a young age adaptive changes happen over time, and when that child becomes an adult it will impact their whole life.”

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