Methodist Hospitals RN Only Nurse in NWI to Make the List of Finalist in the 2016 GEMS Awards

By: Methodist Hospitals Last Updated: July 28, 2016

Megan-WalkerOn her 20-bed postpartum unit, Walker provides comprehensive maternal-child care to mothers, babies and their families. Diligent about encouraging, coaching and educating her patients about maternal-child health, she takes the time to establish a warm connection with them and their families and is attentive and responsive to their physical, emotional and educational needs. She seeks out community sources to deter financial costs for her patients, and offers educational information about community resources they can use after discharge.

She has been involved in the hospital’s skin-to-skin initiative, which promotes positive bonding and breast-feeding for mothers and new infants after cesarean and vaginal births. She is the chairwoman of the hospital’s newly distinguished milk bank, applying for grants through many foundations to help alleviate expenses. She also serves as a Magnet champion.

Walker regularly acts as a preceptor and mentor for new nurses and aides during their first year on the unit. She freely provides the newest evidence-based best practices to her colleagues and encourages ideas about implementation of them on the unit. Walker is described as a positive role model who is always boosting staff morale and offering words of wisdom and encouragement.

She also volunteers for community projects that serve underprivileged parents, and she initiated a community baby shower, which emphasizes safe-sleeping practices and breast-feeding. Having a strong desire to continue her education, she is enrolled in the women’s health NP program at the University of Cincinnati.