Methodist Hosptials’ Farmer’s Market Focuses on Building Community through Healthy Eating

Methodist Hosptials’ Farmer’s Market Focuses on Building Community through Healthy Eating
By: Sam Malkowski Last Updated: July 31, 2015

In June 2015, Methodist Hospitals' Northlake Campus began hosting Farmer's Markets, designed to strengthen the relationship between the hospital and the community.

“It came out of Community Health Needs Assessment that we need to get more healthy food options to the community,” explained marketing director Brad Lukas. “The Chefs decided to do a farmer’s market.”

The produce sold at the market was supplied by Methodist Hospital, bought from local farmers and distributors who want to support the cause. “It gives everyone the opportunity to help out,” says Senior Sous Chef Pamela Ward. The Chefs have done other recent events with the community, like a nutrition seminar for senior citizens and a healthy eating demonstration for kids at a local YMCA.

“The way to get people to smile is through their stomach,” says Ward. “If they can eat healthy and have a good time, that’s good.”

Lukas says that the market is held “mainly to give a healthy food option, fruits and vegetables, at a low cost, to the community.”

Chef Tim Bellamy gave a cooking demonstration at noon that focused on preparing healthy mealsand to show the community how to amp up their plates without costing their dietary wellness. “We are trying to teach folks how to eat healthier. It supports Methodist Hospital, and wellness.”

The hospital will host these Farmer's Market and Food Fairs every who weeks at the Northlake Campus. Future dates for 2015 include July 31, August 14 and August 28th.

“The hospital is really intertwined with the community,” says Bellamy. Both Methodist and the city of Gary need help, and it can only come from each other. So we try to do things that are for the community, the city of Gary, to try to get them involved and team up with the hospital.”

What better way than an exciting market with live cooking instruction?