Michigan City 2018 Spring Clean-Up

Michigan City 2018 Spring Clean-Up
By: Michigan City Last Updated: March 16, 2018

The Michigan City, Refuse Department will conduct its Annual Spring Clean-Up beginning on March 26, 2018. The Refuse Department requests that all residents separate the debris that is to be discarded into the following three (3) categories:

  1. Brush, limbs, shrubs, yard waste, and unpainted concrete (no black-top rubble);
  2. Rugs, lumber, furniture, mattress, and box-springs; and
  3. Appliances and tires. Tires can be rimmed or un-rimmed, and appliances include items such as stoves, refrigerators, air conditions, water tanks, etc.

Please keep the above items separated as described above. Residents may place items on curbside or in the alleys, whichever is most convenient.

The City will be divided into three (3) Zones, with each zone having two (2) separate weeks when items can be placed out for the special Spring Clean-Up. Residents should place items out for pick-up on the same day as your normal refuse pick-up day, but only during the corresponding week for the Zone in which they reside.

Using the map provided you can determine when the Refuse Department will pick-up your Spring Clean-Up items. The pick-up weeks are:

ZONE 1: MARCH 26 - MARCH 30 and APRIL 16 - 20 ZONE 2: APRIL 2 - 6 and APRIL 23 - 27 ZONE 3: APRIL 9- 13 and APRIL 30 – MAY 4

Additionally, the Refuse Department wants to make you aware that Yard Waste/Compost pick-up will begin on May 7, 2018, and continue through

November 16, 2017. The Refuse Department will issue more information on the dates for yard waste and compost pick-up soon.