Michigan City Public Health and Safety Initiative

By: Michigan City Last Updated: September 6, 2017

my-michigan-city-coverDue to an ongoing string of criminal activity in the Eastport Neighborhood, Mayor Ron Meer has directed the Michigan City Police Department Administration to intensify the police presence in that area.

Tonight, saturation patrols were enhanced in an effort to increase police visibility in the Eastport Neighborhood. Though this may be viewed as an inconvenience by some, Mayor Meer feels this public health and safety initiative is important to our law abiding residents while it also re-establishes awareness of his administration’s commitment to proactively dealing with the negative issues plaguing the Eastport Neighborhood.

In the future, similar initiatives, utilized on a random basis, will be conducted throughout the city where necessary. Mayor Meer would like to acknowledge and thank the co-operative efforts put forth between the Michigan City Police Department, the Long Beach Police Department, the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department, the Trail Creek Police Department and the Indiana State Police.