Michigan City Tree Board Partners with NIPSCO to Give Away Trees

By: Michigan City Last Updated: April 22, 2019

my-michigan-city-coverThe Michigan City Tree Board will be partnering again with NIPSCO this year to give away some trees to residents of Michigan City at the opening of the Michigan City Farmers' Market on Saturday, May 4. Please follow this link: https://energysavingtrees.arborday.org/#Home to reserve a 1-gallon or 3-gallon tree.

If you order a 1-gallon tree it will be delivered to your address. If you order a 3-gallon tree you will need to pick it up on May 4th at the Farmers Market or the next day Sunday, May 5th at Beachside Gardens and Gifts, located at 3725 US-12, Michigan City. (Any that remain by Monday will be donated!) The Board will also have a limited number of small bare root saplings to give away. The Tree Board will also be offering information on choosing a tree and how to plant it and care for it.

Trees provide benefits which we often take for granted. They provide us with shade in the heat of summer and reduce our air conditioning costs. They act as a carbon sink, decreasing our greenhouse gases. They help to clean our air and produce oxygen for us to breathe. They soothe our souls. They provide homes and sustenance for birds and other wildlife. They moderate strong winds and heavy rains. Maintaining a healthy and safe urban forest is the goal of the tree board and the city forester.

The Tree Board usually meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. at City Hall. Members of the public are welcome to attend, and the meetings are filmed and can be viewed on local access television. For more information on the Tree Board, please visit: http://www.emichigancity.com/cityhall/boards/tree/index.htm.