Middle School Students Join the Fight Against Drugs

By: Chesterton Middle School Last Updated: November 19, 2012

Chesterton Middle School hosted a poster contest for Red Ribbon Week. All students participated by making a poster with an anti-drug slogan.



Top ten winners, respectively, for seventh grade were, front, left to right, Abbie Koster, Katie Minier, Ashalee Osbun, Sophie Burke, Michael Lyon, Anthony Fleischauer, Eric Amling, Katlin Smith, Brianna Molnar and Warda Yakub. Back, co-sponsor Thomas Shelton; honorable mention (hm) winners Cassandra Wuerthele, Brenna Griffith, Christine Jackson, Olivia Jewett, Tommy Gotsch, Izzy Johnson, Halee Flatz, Michael Kellstrom, Principal Michael Megyesi and co-sponsor Jane Schlichting. Absent from photo is Jane Chisholm-hm and Kristin Stillman-hm.


Eighth grade winners are top ten winners, front, Emily Jerome, Sam Jarosak, Sammi Ostrom, Renae Warren, Sydney Ghoreishi, Hannah Toth, Annie James, Elaina Nichols and Alli Hoffman. Back, Shelton, hm winners Kiaira Stewart, Angela Allison, Rebekah Hoffman, Karly Carden, Joanna Kowalczyk, Alexandria Raudry, Paige Gubbe, Ben Staubus, Hannah Maluvac, Schlichting and Megyesi. Absent from photo is Cara Kroeger-7th place and Jenna Tarnowski-hm.

Each of the top ten winners received a cash prize and those that received honorable mention were awarded CMS Bookstore cash.