Mike Walz on What Makes Overhead Door a Great Place to Work

Mike Walz on What Makes Overhead Door a Great Place to Work
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: November 30, 2017

Mike Walz of Overhead Door in Merrillville may be from Hazelcrest, Illinois originally, but he has found a home in Northwest Indiana and at Overhead Door. Whereas some might dread going into work in the morning or be less than enthusiastic about their career, Walz has found a job that he truly values.

“It’s just a great environment to work in. My boss is a great guy to work for, and I’ve come from other companies with issues; it’s just so much better here,” said Walz. “It’s a good work environment, if there’s a problem, employees are encouraged to ask for help and the team works together to figure it out.”

In an industry that requires a lot of technical knowhow and professional expertise, this attitude of cooperation and reliability has fostered a healthy work culture that extends back out to their customers. There is also a great deal of independence on the job, as Walz attests, and that combination of traits in the workplace has made for happy employees who are all the more eager to be on the job, and the customers can see this.

“The independence of being by myself in a truck and working with a lot of different customers is great. I’m not just sitting in an office the whole time, I’m really out in the community and talking to different people,” added Walz.

When he’s not driving around Northwest Indiana fixing garage doors or doing new installs, Walz enjoys playing a game of golf in his current city of Hammond or elsewhere in the Region and spending time with family.

But when he’s out in the community, the thing Walz takes the most pride in is the ability to be a problem solver for others. He also finds inspiration in the life experiences of the people he helps, and this lends a greater passion to the work he does every day.

“Knowing I’m taking care of their problem is rewarding. I hear tons of different stories all day long from all different genres of people. Some of them are a little wacky,” Walz laughed. “But I had a salesman I spoke to who became a doctor. It was inspiring to me. He worked hard and decided to go for it, and it stuck out to me.”

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