Miracles Do Happen, Even Today

By: NeighborLink Last Updated: November 19, 2010

If you have ever doubted that God is still performing miracles today, then come work with me for a day! He performed a miracle yesterday and I had a front row seat! Let me explain...

On Monday night at about 8:00pm I received a call from one of our partnering agencies. They told me that they had been working with a single mom with four kids and that she had done everything they had asked of her, including getting a job at a fast food restaurant in order to help support her family in these difficult financial times. Well, on Monday night her car's transmission went out and they had to tow the car to a safer location. They wanted to know if there was anything NLPC could do. I immediately posted something on our NeighborLink Facebook Page.

The next morning I went to a Duneland Chamber Meeting and spoke about this woman and her children. I was directed to go across the street to Tire Experts and ask them if they would be willing to look at the car and tell us what was wrong with it. They were happy to help out, and were so friendly and accommodating! The car was in Valparaiso so I needed to get it up here to Chesterton some how. I drove straight to Joe's Towing Inc. and they volunteered with cheerful hearts to go and bring the car to Chesterton. Wow! Things were coming together nicely. I was praying throughout the day that the problem would be an easy fix.

I soon received a call and the news was not good. The car needed a new transmission and it was going to cost $1150.00 and that was with a discount from our friends over at Tire Experts.

I had been keeping everyone on our Facebook Page up to date on the situation. Our website is currently down because of technical issues related to launching a new website. I had requested that if anyone could contribute ANYTHING to this project, to please contact me.

To my shock and disbelief, a very generous person soon contacted me to let me know that she had a vehicle that she would be willing to donate to this single mom! I couldn't believe what I was reading and the tears began to flow. In case you don't know it, I am a very emotional person! Our GOD who supplies the birds of the air with all they need to survive was now supplying the NEEDS of this single mother! I can't tell you the emotional roller coaster I was on yesterday. But it ended on a HUGE high. I had trouble falling asleep last night because I just kept praising and thanking Jesus for his faithfulness!

I have said it before and I will say it again, " I have the best job in the whole world!" Don't get me wrong, there are difficult days. Especially the calls I receive from those who are desperate and have no where else to turn. They are out of work, they have no money, no food, no shelter, no clothes, no heat, no appliances, no shoes, and the list goes on. But yesterday makes it all worth while.

If you would like to get more involved with NeighborLink and make a difference in someones life right here in Porter County then I invite you to visit our website, or call me to see where you might fit in. I can promise you, you won't be disappointed!

Thank you to all of people who helped us out yesterday!

In Him,
Judy Alders