Mixed Media Pieces on Display at Blackbird

Blue-Screen-ArtBlackbird Café’s latest art installation features the work of artist Chad Copeland. Copeland works in mixed media, making particular use of found objects like wood, paper, and window screens. Stop by and enjoy these unusual and expressive works over the best cup of coffee in town.

As Copeland's artist statement says "I discovered these old screens in an abandoned barn somewhere off the beaten path during one of my adventures seeking inspiration. I have always enjoyed the rugged and unfamiliar scenes associated with deserted locations."

"I find that my connection to these places is deeply linked with my psyche and perception of the world. Exploring them unlocks my mind to ask questions about 'What once was and what will become?' which is a similar thought pattern to the way I view my life."

"I reflect on myself and the answers to these questions help guide me. I bring remnants of my explorations home as trophies, remidners, and potential materials to be used to express my emotions in art, thus giving new life to objects destined to be lost to time, as I will someday be lost to time myself."

Local artists interested in showing their work should bring a portfolio or examples of their work mid-afternoon and ask to speak to owner Dan Cook. They may call to verify he's there before stopping by.