Montessori Kindergarten Pilgrim Re-Enactment

By: Contributor Last Updated: November 23, 2010

On November 23, 2010, the Kindergarten Class at Montessori School of Valparaiso re-enacted the Pilgrim’s journey from England to Holland and finally to North America. For the past few weeks the students have been learning what life was like before and during the voyage across the sea on the Mayflower, as well as when they arrived on land. They made and tasted hard tack and journey cakes as well as a snack from current times. The children have decided that they prefer life as it is today. The lesson came to a conclusion as the students put on their play for younger students in the Extended Preschool Program.

The Montessori School of Valparaiso is located at 505 Marquette St in Valparaiso.


  • AJ Tolin (King James) Hana Omara (The King’s Guard) discuss what to do about the Pilgrims (Montessori School of Valparaiso Kindergarten students) who have been having secret meetings about their unsatisfactory living conditions in England.
  • From left to right Olivia Evans, Marisa Fisher, Annabelle Evans & Nikhil Manickam (playing the couple getting married), Autumn Porter, Jonathan McClure re-enact the wedding that took place on the Mayflower during its voyage to the New World.
  • Annabelle Evans, Oliva Evans and Marisa Fisher (left to right) discuss plans for going to the New World with the other pilgrims.
  • Neil Manickam (Squanto), Colin Devin (Samoset), and Isaac Siewin (Massasoit) playing Indians that were known to the Pilgrims, sing a song and play a drum.