Monthly Giving: Automate Your Donations

By: Horizon Bank Last Updated: August 19, 2011

donationAmericans donated more than $291 billion dollars to charities last year. Although donation amounts experienced a multi-billion dollar drop during the recession, national charitable donations increased by four percent in 2010, and giving continues to be on the rise. Donating to your favorite charity is now easier than ever with monthly giving.

Many charities and religious institutions offer an easier way to contribute other than sending in a check each month. Monthly giving, also known as automatic giving, is a great way to support your favorite charity with a predetermined monthly installment.

Here are a few benefits of monthly giving for you and your charity:

1. Charity supporters enjoy the convenience of set donations, which eliminates lost checks and the added cost of stamps.

2. Automatic giving offers a reliable income source for the charity.

3. The gifts are sent directly to the charity, reducing the chances of theft or fraud.

4. Many charities, such as the American Red Cross, use fraud protection systems and online security encryption to keep your personal information and donation history safe.

5. Small monthly payments are just as helpful to the charity as one large donation each year, and they won’t put a burden your budget.

6. Deducting automatically from your bank account allows you to track donations on your checking account statements for tax purposes.

Monthly giving offers the perfect solution for supporters who want to do their part but lead a busy life. With a small donation amount automatically deducted each month from your bank account, you can show your support without worrying about sending in monthly payments. It feels good to give back to a great charity, but it feels even better to do it with the ease and security of monthly giving.