More than 6,100 Visitors Expected in the South Shore between March 18 and 21, 2016

rot11Lutheran Basketball in Valparaiso; Scholastic Chess in Hammond; Illinois YMCA Swim in St. John; and the Hoosier Volleyball Challenge 3 in Hobart will bring more than 6,100 visitors to the South Shore region. Participants and spectators are expected to impact the local economy with more than $747,500 of additional spending this weekend alone.

“This weekend kicks off the busiest and most profitable seasons for sports related tourism to the region. Each athlete that visits the South Shore will bring with them family; they will stay in our hotels; eat in our restaurants and enjoy our attractions during their visit,” said Speros A. Batistatos, FCDME, President/CEO of the South Shore CVA.

Nearly 4,000 hotel rooms will be filled with visitors from these four sporting events. Area restaurants, shops and attractions will also see additional customers at their businesses this weekend.

Lutheran Basketball will bring middle-school boys and girls to compete at Valparaiso University from March 17 to 20. The Scholastic Chess State Championships will be held at the School City of Hammond in Hammond on March 19. The Greater Joliet YMCA will host the Illinois YMCA Swim at Lake Central in St. John from on March 19 and 20. The Hoosier Volleyball Challenge 3 will be held at The Diggz in Hobart from March 19 to 20.

South Shore Sports Promotions, a department of the South Shore CVA, was created in 2006 to capture hundreds of additional amateur and professional tournaments, competitions and championships. This year, 2016, South Shore Sports Promotions is expected to generate more than $4.8 million in economic impact from events such as softball, baseball, volleyball, table tennis and more.