More Than Just Checkups: McAfee Aids Penelope in an Emergency

More Than Just Checkups: McAfee Aids Penelope in an Emergency

For most people, pets are a valuable part of the family. Viewed as more than just a pet, they take the role of a family member and while it may seem odd to an outsider, those within the family understand the bond.

For Tevlyn Schwerd, her two and a half year old english bulldog Penelope Cosette, is one such family member. As the first dog Schwerd has owned, she has bonded significantly with the pup and refers to her as her daughter. So, it’s no surprise that when Penelope got sick early one morning, Schwerd rushed her to receive the best care possible from McAfee Animal Hospital.

“Just before 5 am I awoke to the sound of Penelope getting sick,” explained Schwerd. “I jumped up to take care of her and she was struggling and coughing. Penelope couldn’t stop vomiting.”

Frazzled, Schwerd held onto her precious pup until McAfee opened that morning. In her rush, she didn’t think to call or let them know she was coming, and instead got into the office minutes after them opening, still in her pajamas. Luckily, McAfee staff were on it and not only calmed Schwerd down, but got the doctor in quickly to see Penelope.

“We were taken into a room within minutes and they began checking Penelope’s vitals. By then she was so weak she couldn’t walk so they had to carry her,” said Schwerd. “Dr. Lindsey was the doctor who assessed and diagnosed Penelope but Dr. Brooke, who was in surgery when we arrived, saw Penelope being checked and came into the room to check on me and tell me that Penelope was going to be ok.”

After such a chaotic morning, Penelope was diagnosed with Pneumonia and given antibiotics and something to soothe her upset stomach. Care didn’t end there, though. McAfee also took the time to call afterward to ensure Penelope was recovering well.

“Afterwards we received multiple phone calls throughout the week from McAfee checking on Penelope,” said Schwerd.

This practice was familiar to Schwerd, who had dealt with McAfee for Penelope’s health issues in the past.

“Penelope had tummy issues as a puppy and McAfee took amazing care of her. Not only did they help solve her tummy issues, they would call to follow up after our visits to ensure the medicines and recommendations they had given for her diet were working,” said Schwerd.

For Schwerd, McAfee has proven to be a wonderful veterinarian for her precious Penelope, a decision which was not glossed over when she decided to get a puppy.

“Penelope is the first dog I’ve ever had. We didn’t have pets growing up so I reached out to friends when it came to choosing a vet. McAfee was highly recommended, so I chose to let them take care of my fur baby,” said Schwerd.

Now, thanks to the expert staff at McAfee, Penelope is feeling much better and has gotten back to her normal activities and routine.

“Penelope has now finished her antibiotics and is back to her normal princess self. I am truly grateful to the wonderful team of McAfee and cannot express my gratitude enough,” said Schwerd.