Movie being filmed in NW Indiana July 2019

Movie being filmed in NW Indiana July 2019
By: Road to Life Church Last Updated: June 22, 2019

A film based on the true story of a former prisoner turned preacher, is being filmed in NorthWest Indiana.

Graham Family Films (Executive Producer - Pastor Ben Graham) is in pre-production on the film Pardoned By Grace, based on the true story of how Scott Highberger (former prisoner) turned himself into prison and received an unlikely pardon. Scott Highberger’s story is raw and real and includes decades trapped in the system as a prisoner to drugs, alcohol, violence, and incarceration. His story takes you on a journey through how a man can go from thirty arrests, eight felony convictions, and five prison terms, to becoming a pastor at Road to Life Church in NorthWest Indiana.

Pardoned By Grace will begin production in late July of 2019 in Northwest Indiana where Scott’s story actually took place. For a movie like this to happen it relies on the support of the community, hundreds of volunteers and strategic partnerships.

Opportunities to be apart of the film and production are still open, including opportunities to assist in production, as well as be in the film as an extra or actor/actress.

The goal of this film is to present the truth that no one is too far from God’s grace, it shows how drugs, alcohol, and violence can build stronger walls than a prison ever could. Pardoned By Grace showcases the truth that you can be free, while in a prison cell. Pastor’s Dave & Vanessa Gargano, lead pastors of Road to Life Church NWI, have witnessed the amazing transformation Scott has gone through first-hand. This true story is going to change lives for eternity.

The director of the movie, Kevan Otto, has been the writer and director of numerous faith based films including Question of Faith.

Media Requests

We are currently looking to setup various interview requests for articles and on-air broadcast with Scott Highberger. Please direct all Media Inquiries to Dave Gargano (269) 208-0829 or email

How can you get involved in the film?

Become a supporter: Be a volunteer extra: Click HERE Follow on facebook: Crew submissions: send resumes to